With the good news of the rate of infection from Covid-19 now being below 1, and with instructions from NHS England to re-start community healthcare underway, I am very happy to inform you that my practice is now open for face to face consultations.

I have organised my clinic at 30 The Drive to be as Covid-19 safe as possible for all of us. This has involved putting in place newly required operational procedures as well as sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that I will be wearing when seeing you (see the info-graphic for a warning of my looks next time you see me! ? )

You will be noticing several changes to how I operate my practice at 30 The Drive, in accordance with up to date governmental guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 at the moment:

  • Pre-screening of all patients for both vulnerability and Covid-19 before they come to the practice.
  • All businesses at 30 The Drive including myself are spacing out their appointments to minimise contact between patients in the common areas
  • Spacing out of appointments to enable extensive cleaning of my treatment room after each patient, to changing PPE and to enable you to come straight through to my treatment suite without using any of the common areas
  • Phone and video consultations will be proposed to enable a reduction of the time we spend in close contact to what is necessary for the physical examination and treatment. At present, this will also be the only option I can offer to people who have been asked to shield or to self-isolate.

You can be confident that these measures are there to ensure you can safely benefit from my services once again and can resume using osteopathic treatments as needed to support your health.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the steps I am taking to keep you safe or to make an appointment, it would be lovely to hear from you!

And finally, to enable the good functioning of the practice during these challenging times, some adaptations to the way you normally visit me will also be needed at this time.


  • Arrive on time and wait in your car or outside the building if you are slightly early (it is not recommended that you use the common areas at 30 The Drive at this time)
  • Take your mobile phone with you. Make sure it has enough charge and the sound mode is on
  • If possible, leave at home any non-essential items such as bags, jewelry
  • Wear clean, loose, and comfortable clothes to your session and have enough layers to keep you warm
  • Please come to the practice un-accompanied unless you need assistance, need a chaperone or are accompanying the patient who is a minor younger than 16 years of age
  • Arrive to your session wearing a clean face-covering. Alternatively, I will provide you with a surgical mask which you will be politely required to wear throughout your session and leave with it on. Should you have any difficulties tolerating the wear of a face-covering then please let me know before your appointment as I may need to wear extra levels of PPE protection
  • Please keep your social distancing. Other people might be coming and going from the building as you enter and exit it. Aim at keeping a 2 meters distance from anyone
  • On entrance to my treatment suite, you will be politely required to wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizing gel
  • When taking a sit, you will notice that our chairs have been placed further apart to each other than usual. Please keep them that way throughout our session
  • Know that I will be delighted to see you but will unfortunately not be able to greet you in my usual way as I am also required to keep physical distancing from you apart from essential contact when examining and treating you

I hope that your experience of visiting me will feel safe and comfortable. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have before your appointment and throughout your session.

I look forward to seeing you.