Patients’ Feedback

I would love to hear from you with any comments or feedback you might have about the practice and my services.

Should you be able to leave a testimonial, I would greatly appreciate it as it might encourage people who would otherwise feel unsure about trying osteopathy to give it a go.

Your testimonial will be kept anonymous and I will reduce any reference to a family member to an initial to protect their confidentiality.

“Alexandra has first class diagnostic skills. She then treats the cause of the problem and gently provides a cure and advises on preventative action. Brilliant, best osteopath ever. Unreserved five star recommendation.”

“We have both found Alexandra Luzzato to be an exceptional osteopath. From the very first appointment, we feel that we've been insightfully and accurately helped with our problems. She has a caring and empathetic approach, making a safe space within which she effects thorough and successful treatments.”

“I originally went to see Alexandra for a chronic sports injury that consistently made walking difficult. My first impressions were of a professional and highly skilled practitioner who nevertheless was very warm, practical and down-to-earth. Over the years she has treated me and my family for an assortment of body problems with outstanding results and our appreciation for her abilities has grown in equal measure. You can put your health in her hands with confidence.”

“I am happy to record thoughts on the treatment that has been given to me in two sessions: I felt Alexandra’s treatment was little short than inspired, bearing in mind the conditions around my recent injuries. I am well restored, not yet completely but with every confidence I shall be back in full use of my body as a result in a relatively short space of time.”

“My whole family have been treated by Alexandra and I would deeply recommend her as a therapist. She has thoroughly engaged and helped transform several problems. Her approach is deeply professional and makes her profound skill and understanding of physiology and form so accessible to the healing experience. Thank you so much!”

“Alexandra has been brilliant at treating our son J and has really helped his neck. Her manner is very calm which means it isn’t stressful for J (who has been coming since he was a week old).”

“Alexandra had a very calm, reassuring manner when treating my daughter for the lingering effects of a nasty concussion. My daughter, who is 6, enjoyed her treatment and felt much happier afterwards. She even fell asleep during the treatment!”

“I always leave feeling relaxed and calm after a treatment with Alex. She really understands my aches and pains and I totally trust her with my neck – I leave feeling taller and balanced.”

“Always very pleased with my therapist who is gentle as well as effective.”

“I suffered from excruciating stomach pains for a couple of years and had been going through pretty invasive treatment, tests, surgery and hospital admittances, with no firm diagnosis. In 2009 I visited Alex upon recommendation from three friends with a viewpoint 'what have I got to lose?' That first visit changed my life. Within six months, I was totally pain free, relaxed and enjoying life once again.“

“Alex has been treating my wife A for a year or so now. A suffers from vascular and Alzheimer's dementia, and can sometimes find it difficult to understand what she is being asked to do, and can sometimes be reluctant to comply. Alex has always shown patience and imagination in dealing with these problems, enabling her to apply her osteopathic skills to the fullest effect.”